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Thursday / November 14.

Workhorse Produces Lightweight Electric Truck

Electric vehicle manufacturer Workhorse recently announced that it has begun production of the NGEN-1000.

The NGEN-1000 is an electric delivery truck that can travel 100 miles on a single charge.

The truck is 50% lighter than its traditional counterparts that are powered by combustion engines.

Workhorse believes that the truck’s lighter weight and 100-mile range will lower costs and make an attractive alternative for conventional delivery vehicles.

The truck is powered by a smaller battery compared to previous versions, which will reduce the price of the truck and put it on par with diesel vans.

Workhorse CEO Stephen S. Burns says the van has “an off-the-lot cost on par with traditional fuel delivery vehicles and substantial savings from there.”

The NGEN-1000 will be available in four sizes. The biggest truck will come with 1,000 cubic feet of storage that can carry up to 6,000 pounds.

“We are proud to say—the future is here. With an off-the-lot cost on par with traditional delivery vehicles, and substantial savings from there, we believe the NGEN will forever change the business of delivery as we know it,” said Mr. Burns.

Workhorse is an American company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are currently focused on developing electric vehicles, including trucks, aircraft, and drones. The company’s goal is to make transport more efficient and eco-friendly.

Just a few months ago, Workhorse signed a deal with UPS to add 50 electric vehicles to its fleet.

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