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Thursday / November 14.

Mazda Announces Electric Vehicle Goals

Mazda Motor Corp. says all its vehicles will be electric by 2030.  5% of the cars will be fully electric and the remaining 95% will be hybrids.

The automaker has delayed the launched of its first electric vehicle to 2020 to focus on developing more electric vehicles instead of just one.

“It took some time to put in the latest battery technology and we revised the layout to allow us to use the technology across multiple electric vehicles, so we’re a bit behind — that’s a fact,” said Mazda executive vice president Kiyoshi Fujiwara. “Delaying to 2020 is the optimal solution.”

They will, however, keep working to improve combustion engines since they are still required for electric vehicles.

Mazda says they will make two kinds of electric vehicles. One which is fully powered by batteries and another which combines a range extender powered by a rotary engine.

The plan to launch more electric vehicles is part of Mazda’s effort to reduce carbon emissions. They aim to cut emissions by 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2050 versus 2010 levels. Mazda is also looking into the potential of biofuels to achieve this goal.

As more automakers electrify their fleets, analysts expect the demand for graphite to increase as its an important part of lithium-ion batteries.

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence forecasts that the demand for graphite will increase over 200% over the next four years as electric vehicles gain popularity.

They predict anode materials to increase from 80,000 tpa in 2015 to at least 250,000 tpa by the end of 2020. They say the market could hit 400,000 tpa in the most bullish case with no supply restrictions.

The agency points out that graphite will gain the most from this boom because it is almost only material used as an anode in lithium-ion batteries.

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