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Sunday / December 8.

Graphite-Silicon Battery to Increase Capacity By 300%

A proprietary mixture of silicon and graphite can increase battery capacity 300% compared to lithium-ion batteries.

The battery is called SiliconX. It was created by a Norwegian tech company called Kjeller Innovation.

SiliconX can let you drive over 600 miles or power your smartphone for a week on a single charge, according to Clean Technica.

Kjeller Innovation says the new technology can increase battery runtime 3 to 5-fold over lithium-ion batteries.

The battery uses a specific ratio of graphite and silicon. The concern with a silicon-based battery is that it could burst because silicon swells when charging or discharging. However, the addition of graphite eliminates the swelling but retains the storage capacity of silicon.

The battery is still being tested to ensure safety, performance, and compatibility with devices. The new formula will take some time to reach the market.

It must be noted that the lithium-ion batteries that are currently used in electric vehicles and smartphones also use graphite.

Market forecaster Roskill says graphite demand will significantly increase due to the electric vehicle boom.

Roskill analysts expect booming demand for lithium-ion batteries to drive graphite demand growth of 5 to 7% annually between 2017 and 2027.

They also suggest that demand for graphite could be five to 10 times more than the current level after 2027.

It seems that new technologies such as the silicon-graphite battery will only boost the demand for graphite in the future.

This is great news for emerging graphite producers. The industry is already seeing high demand from its use in steel, construction materials, and sports equipment.

“Graphite prices have more than doubled in recent years. Based on recent quotes, a ton of 97% pure graphite goes for over $2,000,” according to geologist Byron King.

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