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Sunday / December 8.

Graphene Could Make Superfast Electronic Devices

Recent experiments show that graphene can significantly power up the frequency of electronic signals. This increase can send up to 1,000 times more information per second.

More specifically, it can turn gigahertz frequencies into terahertz signals – a difficult feat to accomplish.

Traditional electronics are made with silicon and cannot reach the high frequencies graphene-based devices could.

Researchers say that electronics made with graphene could work much faster than conventional devices.

Dmitry Turchinovich, a physicist at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, and his colleagues tested graphene’s potential to make terahertz signals.

They injected a single layer of graphene with 300 gigahertz radiation. When the electromagnetic waves hit graphene, the electrons in the material quickly heated and then cooled off. This released electromagnetic waves with up to seven times more power than the original radiation.

Tsuneyuki Ozaki, a physicist at the National Institute of Scientific Research in Quebec, says that the conversion may not seem remarkable at first glance, but its incredibly high for a lone layer of atoms.

Mr. Ozaki was not involved in the research, but he is optimistic about the potential of graphene in electronics. He believes that graphene can be used in computer components to increase their processing speeds. He points out that it could be very useful in advanced computers that have high processing rates and adds that it could even make high-speed nanodevices.

News source: ScienceNews

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