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Thursday / November 14.

Ford Will Use Graphene to Make Quieter Cars

Ford Motor Company will use graphene to reduce unwanted noise from cars soon.

The automaker has discovered that using graphene in covers for the fuel rail, engine, and pumps can decrease noise significantly – 17% percent to be precise. It even increases heat endurance by 30%.

Graphene is a one-atom thick layer of graphite and is often referred to as a super material due to its varied properties. It is the strongest material on earth but is thin and flexible at the same time.

Since graphene is lightweight, it doesn’t add weight to the car parts, which is another bonus. In fact, the graphene covered components will lower the weight of the earth because graphene is lighter than the traditional materials used as covers.

Ford developed the car parts with two other companies: Eagle Industries and XG Sciences.

They say the graphene-integrated car parts will go into production by the end of this year. The first cars to use the parts will be the F-150 and Mustang.

The fact that graphene can reduce noise from car engines shows the versatility of the material.

Analysts expect demand for the graphene to increase as more industries utilize it to create new products and improve existing technologies.

The material has immense potential to be used in various industry such as the aerospace, defense, healthcare, automotive, electronics, energy, and healthcare.

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